Why are Handmade Dress Shoes Better Compared to Mass Production Ones?


Few would object to the following: Handmade Dress Shoes are always better. I accept that the idea is very compelling by itself, but why is it so? What makes handmade dress shoes more desirable? We devoted this blog to finding out the answers to these questions.

Well, no need to reiterate the long story, but we know that every manufactured piece of work was handmade once upon a time. Then machines entered our life and dominated everywhere. There was undoubtedly an era in which mass-production merchandise was regarded more as a status symbol than its handmade counterparts, especially during the euphoria of the Industrial Revolution that was the case. However, it is beyond dispute that handmade products are tokens of affluence and markers of prestige in today's world and gaining more and more popularity. As of the end of 2022, the handmade market reached $ 752.2 Billion, and a conservative estimate indicates that it will likely reach $1.296,6 Billion by 2028.

Upon these facts, which also reflect the current trends in the dress shoe segment, we can now get back to our main topic and begin to list the most distinguishing reasons for the superiority of handmade dress shoes:


Handmade Dress Shoes are of Better Material Quality

Hand labor is precious by definition, and any production process involving artistic handcrafting would be expected to abstain from utilizing cheap materials. When it comes to dress shoes, this is especially true. The artisans and/or entrepreneurs of bespoke or handcrafted bench-grade shoes will pick the finest possible material to ensure their product's high-quality standards. In contrast, mass-produced shoes typically employ lower-grade leather or artificial materials to reduce spending and boost output. So, we should expect at least full-grain or top-grain leather – genuine leather wouldn't be enough, upper, quarters, and toes from handmade dress shoes. Leather or EVA soles, steel shank, and collars are also very common for handmade dress shoes.


handmade leather dress shoes by GHS

 Material Quality Matters...


Details Extremely Matter in Handmade Dress Shoes

The most distinguishing feature between handcrafted and machine-made shoes in terms of detail is the amount of care and accuracy put into the shoe's construction. Quality and customization are the main focus when making handcrafted shoes, whereas mass-produced shoes emphasize speed and efficiency.

Shoes crafted by hand tend to have finer details and are made with more care than those mass-produced. Hand-making the shoes allows the artisan to oversee and control the entire process and make sure the shoe is created to perfection. This meticulousness in handmade dress shoes would lead to a final product of greater quality, aesthetical appeal, uniqueness, and comfort.


Needs-Based Customization in Handcrafted Dress Shoes

Ordinary procedures in mass shoe production favor standardized designs aimed at large quantities and offer limited customization other than some color and material options. Handmade dress shoe workshops, however, narrow the target customer base and consider their potential clients' specific needs and preferences. Yet, regarding customization only by the instructions of individual customers for a more personalized look wouldn't be wrong but would lack accuracy. Handcrafted shoe workshops and factories also take a more customized approach to different variables such as foot anatomy, climate conditions, and cultural differences when designing and crafting shoes. For example, materials that allow for breathability and lightweight designs may be more desired in hotter climates, while shoes with more insulation might be more suitable in colder climates.



Handmade Dress Shoes are Considerably More Sturdy

One of the reasons for that is the quality material used in the handmade dress shoe segment, as we previously mentioned. The second reason is related to the above attention to detail discussion. Since the craftsmen closely monitor every phase and almost every single stitch, the finished product becomes free from inconsistencies. It offers much more durability compared to mass-production items. The third and perhaps most prominent reason is the construction technics used in shoe-making. Especially welting technics, all other factors, such as material and workmanship being equal, determines the longevity of handmade dress shoes compared to shoes manufactured with a high-volume output in factory settings. Most handmade dress shoe makers apply Goodyear or Blake welting methods to combine the sole and the upper. While the Goodyear technic utilizes stitching a piece of leather (welt) to both the upper and the sole, The Blake method involves affixing the upper directly to the shoe's sole without employing a welt. Although Goodyear is one step ahead of Blake on the basis of sturdiness, both construction techniques are way more reliable than those in mass-production dress shoes. So if properly cared for and maintained, handmade dress shoes can be worn even for decades.



 Handcrafted Dress Shoes Workshops Prioritize Customization


Consequential Comfort

Material quality, needs and facts-based customized approaches in shoe design, and more attention to detail provide handmade dress shoes a distinct consequential comfort. The emphasis in crafting them is more on ensuring that the shoe fits perfectly and feels comfortable. When it comes to a shoe made by hand, you can anticipate a pliable leather material that adjusts to the shape of your foot with time, resulting in a more individualized and cozy fit.


A Sense of Bond and Community Around Cobbler

Once one gets familiar with superior-quality handmade dress shoes, his knowledge and experience-based taste are refined over time. As you become more informed about the lines, curves, edges, stitches, and finishes, you come to a point where you can understand who made the shoe by the look. So much so that, you could bridge a connection and community with the artisan or the workshop.



100% sure the shoe is from the Artisans of Debbano


Handmade Dress Shoes are More Budget-Friendly in the Long Run

Of course, more sophisticated explanations can be made, but none would be as concise as the saying- Buy Nice or Buy Twice. According to a 2021 study, an average American man has eight pairs of formal or casual shoes, but only a few are usually worn regularly , revealing that spending on quality shoes could save you money over time. Handcrafted dress shoes are more comfortable, more durable, and visually appealing. Furthermore, since they are resolable and can be repaired easily, they can serve you for a very long time and are ultimately more budget-friendly in the long run. So, suppose you are a typical white-collar professional and would like to know which men's dress shoes for work  you need and buy them in the utmost reasonable way. We recommend owning at least one pair of shoes from five essential dress shoe categories in the following order: Oxford, Loafer, Monk Strap Dress Sneakers, and Derby. This would help you save the day in the most elegant way.


Final Words

We hope our blog helps unveil the real and demonstrable reasons behind the well-known presumption that handmade dress shoes are better. Handcrafted dress shoes are better, indeed. They are made of quality materials, crafted with utmost attention to detail, and they are more durable. Handmade leather shoes are also a matter of an elite culture which creates a sense of connection around the signature of the workshop or artisan. Our final word is for our homo economicus side A simple cost-benefit analysis reveals that handmade quality shoes are budget-friendly. If you are the type of person convinced only by his observation, we strongly recommend looking at our handmade dress shoe collection.


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