Debbano FAQs: Your Questions on Men's Dress Shoes Answered

Debbano Answers to Your Questions


Does Debbano offer worldwide shipping?

Yes, Debbano provides free worldwide shipping on all orders

What is Debbano's return policy?

Customers can return items within 90 days of the delivery date. Free returns are available for customers in the U.S

How quickly are orders shipped from Debbano?

Orders are shipped within one business day, and Debbano also accepts On-Demand orders for out-of-stock items

Does Debbano offer a size guide for their shoes?

Yes, Debbano provides a detailed size guide on every product page, including measurements in US, UK, European sizes, and inches and centimeters

Are Debbano's shoes handcrafted?

Yes, Our shoe collections are 100% benchgradely handcrafted by skilled artisans in Europe

Does Debbano have any environmental or ethical manufacturing policies?

Debbano practices responsible manufacturing with a focus on environmental and ethical material sourcing, employee welfare, and civic benevolence

How does Debbano ensure fair pricing?

Debbano's fair pricing policy is based on factors like quality, product performance, delivery, and customer satisfaction

Does Debbano offer any special deals or promotions?

For current deals or promotions, it's best to check our website or sign up for our newsletter

How can I contact Debbano's customer service?

Specific contact information for customer service is provided on our website.

Where are Debbano's shoes made?

Debbano's shoes are handcrafted in a Istanbul for its rich shoemaking heritage

Are there any special care instructions for Debbano shoes?

Care instructions for leather shoes are available on this very specific blog on our website or can be inquired about through customer service

Does Debbano have a physical store or are they only online?

Online only for now, For local pick up options you can get in touch with our customer service

How can I track my order from Debbano?

Debbano provides tracking information for orders, and this can usually be accessed through the confirmation email or customer account on their website

Are Debbano shoes suitable for all seasons?

Debbano's collection includes a variety of styles suitable for different seasons, but specific information can be found on the product descriptions on our website.

Is there a restocking fee for returns?

Categorically no for unused items, please refer to the return policy options for details

How long does delivery take for international orders?

Delivery times for international orders depend on the destination and shipping method, and this information is usually provided during the checkout process or in their shipping policy

Are there any customer reviews I can read?

Customer reviews, if available, are typically found on the product pages on our website.

What types of leather does Debbano use in their shoes?

Details about the types of leather used can be found in the product descriptions. Yet, all our collection is made up of top-notch quality full grain or top grain leather

How do I know if a specific shoe style is in stock?

Stock availability is typically shown on the product page on our website.

Are there any styling tips available for how to wear Debbano shoes?

Styling tips are available in our blog section, newsletters, or social media platforms.

Can I purchase Debbano shoes as a gift for someone else?

Purchasing shoes as a gift can usually be done the checkout process, where you can specify a different shipping address or include gift wrapping options.

Can I buy Debbano shoes in bulk for corporate or team events?

Bulk purchase options can be inquired about through their customer service or corporate sales department.