Debbano's Journey : Crafting Men's Dress Shoes in Style

how it began at debbano
We're based in America. Years ago, we came here from Turkey. Leatherworking is our trade, and there's a little-known truth that many overlook. Many famous brands have been outsourcing the production of high-quality shoes to Europe, especially Turkey, then branding them with their own labels and selling them at very high prices for years. Debbano was born with the mission to bring this level of quality to a wider audience who can truly appreciate it, at much more reasonable prices.
We diligently continued our search and found the most skilled, highest quality, and most trustworthy craftsmen and partners. Our collaboration with these family workshops, which have been representing the renowned Gedikpasa shoemaking tradition in Istanbul for generations, has given us the opportunity to perfectly bring to life our own designs.
Debbano represents the aspiration to make quality more accessible. The brand's name is a blend of distinct meanings: it nods to the Italian word for 'necessity', pays tribute to the Turkish 'debbagh' (leather craftsmen), and resonates with the English term 'debonair', reflecting the sophistication and elegance our products embody.


 debbano's striking story

What you see in our collections today is the result of days and nights, hours spent overcoming challenges, caffeine boosts, and efforts to deliver the best. Our ideal is to reach the prospective Debbano Men who truly appreciate quality and to introduce them the best quality our products have at truly affordable rates
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