Quest for the Men’s Dress Shoes for Work: Pain in the Neck or Manifestation of Self?

An old saying from the oriental wisdom suggests that while friends look at your face, others (strangers, hostiles) stare at your feet. It is so true in a modern world where first impressions and judgment by looking at things determine a third of the decisions with the most optimistic forecast. Therefore, this blog post’s title, Men’s Dress Shoes for Work, becomes a perfectly-fit example of such a reality.

If you don’t feel confident when deciding which dress shoes would suit the workplace, or if it feels like a pain in the neck, our first and foremost suggestion would be to shift your point of view. Prioritizing the concern for compliance over concern for extending your unique and individual message to others is a common mistake for most men. Once you overcome this obstacle and finally change your perspective towards a more individualized approach when choosing the right men’s dress shoes for work, the rest, with no shadow of a doubt, would be a far more delighted expedition for a prospective Debbano Man


mens-dress-shoes-for-workMens worn accessories are indispensible


How to Beat Overcaring Others in Selecting Men’s Dress Shoes for Work

We never deny the importance of well-established rules surrounding us, and while shedding light on this particular prioritizing mistake, we don’t intend to encourage people to challenge dress codes 😊. Instead, we want to draw attention to the lack of knowledge regarding men’s dress shoes for the workplace. The concern for conformity and/or merely imitating others without adequate awareness frequently leads to dramatic and embarrassing results and, at the end of the day, may turn a potentially pleasant experience into a nightmare. However, once a solid ground of shoe and style knowledge is acquired, poor men’s dress shoes for work purchasing decisions made for the sake of others would replace with informed ones. That is why we would like to initiate our future blog series with the fundamentals of dress shoes in the upcoming days.


Workplace in Modern Life and Clothing

The workplace is the most critical space in modern life where emotional and behavioral exchanges intensely occur. In this hectic environment where uncertainties, harsh competition, and job stress abound, it wouldn’t be wrong to argue that neither deeds nor words of a man could be enough to extend his true message to his supervisors, peers, subordinates and customers, clients, or other stakeholders. Unfortunately, super-idealistic approaches that underestimate the importance of visual appeal lack any significant scientific factual ground. The first impressions are the most lasting ones. That is, the view that suggests what you wear in the workplace doesn’t matter is more or less a bunk. On the contrary, what you wear is closely related to how you feel, how you think, and negotiate; ultimately, it affects your overall performance and success.


Men’s Dress Shoes for Work: Your Fashion Accessories to Shine Through

As one might know, there are two groups of accessories in any outfit configuration: carried and worn. Men’s dress shoes for work are the most crucial in the worn group. If you are a white-collar professional and wear formal dress combinations, you should know that your shoes talk about your status and demonstrate your consideration of details. By the way, your feet are an epigamic endpoint of human anatomy and draw the natural attention of women. So, this is why we strongly recommend giving others a clear idea regarding your lifestyle, your taste, your professional and educational attainments, and your spirit rather than preceding compliance when talking about men’s dress shoes for work settings. This perspective is also the central pillar behind the idea of Debbano Men. We are willing to expend all our efforts on our future blog post to contribute to your understanding of the gist of dress shoes. We hope to create a community while actualizing our corporate objective to make quality and sophistication in men’s dress shoes for work and other occasions more accessible.



Your shoes reflect your status, priorities and your true self

What Will Debbano Talk About Men’s Dress Shoes for Work


Every business, office, and workplace setup has its distinct features. The way of communication, physical conditions, the field of activity (service, retail, or production), sectoral priorities (public or private), and the client/customer profile all differs. In one way or another, these features determine the formal or informal dress codes. So, when pondering over style, we will take this into account and give information about principal formal footwear styles that could be excellent alternatives within the men’s dress shoes for work contexts, such as Oxford and Derby shoes, Monk Shoes, Loafers, and Dress Sneakers.


Material and Construction

Compulsions might have initiated humankind’s acquaintance and utilization of leather as an apparel material thousands of years ago. However, our reputable capability to convert anything to an aesthetical and artistic form has made leather an indispensable component of the dress shoe concept. We will acquaint our valued followers with the types of leather. We will do our best to demonstrate the fascinating beauty of the leather as an exclusive material with its unique identity and patterns. Our journey to explore leather will lead us to question “genuine leather’s” so-called superiority. We will also provide information regarding artisanship and construction techniques in the shoe industry.



Colors have their distinct language, which is widely accepted in almost every culture. So black, brown, tan, burgundy, or navy are not only the colors per se but also the representations of emotions. Therefore, we will definitely relate men’s dress shoes for work to the marvelous world of colors on the basis of occasions and sentiments.



Colors have their unique language


Weddings, formal meetings, work-related travels, funerals, business dinners, job interviews, and graduation ceremonies (of course, the list is not exhaustive) are among the most prominent determinants of the dress shoe selection process. Every occasion has peculiar dynamics and conditions to consider, and we will guide you through them.



Our publications would be intended to serve as a perfect fashion guide for Debbano Men.


To Sum Up:

Finding the best men’s dress shoes for work can be very challenging for modern gentlemen if not considered within the true perspective and if uninformed conformity concerns precede self-actualization and manifestation. Debbano is perfectly aware of this viewpoint, and our insight publications would reflect this philosophy all the way through this thrilling expedition.


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