Monkstrap FAQs: Monkstraps VS. Loafers? Which is Better?

Both loafers and monk straps fundamentally share an ease- of-wear feature. In this sense loafers are generic slip on shoes. Monkstraps, on the other hand, usually feature one or two straps with buckles and are laceless. Therefore, monkstraps could be considered a distinct subset of slip-ons but have a more specific and characteristic design. Yet they diverge significantly in their formalities and typical use cases.

The Monk Strap shoe is an excellent choice for gentlemen who wish to draw attention to their unique tastes. For events that are casual but lean towards a smart-casual dress code, monk straps may be the better choice. For more relaxed or summery events, loafers would be more appropriate due to their comfort and laid-back style. Please note there is no such thing as "monk strap loafer" or single or "double monk strap loafers"