Loafer FAQs: Monkstraps VS. Loafers

Both loafers and monk straps fundamentally share an ease- of-wear feature. In this sense loafers are generic slip on shoes. Monkstraps, on the other hand, usually feature one or two straps with buckles and are laceless. Therefore, monkstraps could be considered a distinct subset of slip-ons but have a more specific and characteristic design. Yet they diverge significantly in their formalities and typical use cases. While loafers as  being casual men's loafers are a go-to for casual occasions and might not pair well with very formal attire like a pinstripe suit, monk straps offer a happy medium. Not as formal as lace-ups but more refined than loafers, monk straps bring a classic, elegant touch suitable for a variety of settings. 

While these are general guidelines, remember that the specific design, model, and leather type can make each loafer or monk strap uniquely suited for different occasions